Form finding methodologies are what drove me into grasshopper in the first place. The repetitive tasks grasshopper allows users to master are nothing compared to the fascinating design tools one can master.

There are many different types of form finding mythologies and techniques. Some are more functional and data driven, as others can be purely abstract tools, to provoke design in its core. Form finding is a fest, and ignores errors and debugging, and rather search for the happy accidents which results with an unintended design.   

As the design starts to have a more resolved shape that suits our research and with it we discover new esthetics to influence our project as a visual reference.  We can use the abstract object as whole to be a reference, however its at the same time the abstract can be used to generate desirable imagery to our project or to our design teams, as part of the project design essence and artistic direction.

SketchFab WebGL snapshots of abstract object

webgl. Sketchfab online WebGL has a low poly free service that allows designers to upload their design and 3d art to the server. It has a conceptual similarity to Unreal engine or Unity, which are a more complex environment. Part of the design exploration is the ability to navigate in space and relevantly seek and find related camera positions. A great feature is that we can explore within the objects, and find new visual opportunities inside the abstract object, reviling a whole new world of happy accidents and textures.


OpenGL snapshots of abstract object with substance painter

experimental coloring. A great experimental methodology would be to bring the objects into Substance painter, which has a strong ready-made dynamic texturing library. Here is an example of using a mesh curvature color detection, which dynamically finds the highs and lows normal crevices, holes, slops, and surface angle deformations. the object will be colored related to the topology.

Enjoy playing around with the object. And you can even activate a VR modem if you have the right equipment.