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Multidisciplinary industrial Designer
Parametric Design Consultant

Parametric design tools for automotive designers


Paris, France

FORCES is A Pro-Beginner workshop introducing visual scripting with Grasshopper3D and Rhino3d, and parametric thinking for designers. Students will write and explore parametric definitions and will be engaging with multiple open-source plugins.

Forces v1.0 will focus on the application of computational design tools for industrial and automotive designers. An introduction to grasshopper and its powerful range of tools, participants will learn and explore texture "CELL" deployment over variable methodologies, learning parametric design thinking and shape analysis, deformations, form finding and penalization techniques.

Forces v1.0 workshop brings automotive / industrial designers the power of computational design and iterations as part of the future of design, creation of unique textures (CMF) and the freedom of design abilities.

The workshop is tailor made for CREAPOLE automotive design students. Parametric design tools and approach can influence design strategy, style as well as fabrication.

Forces is a preliminary design workshop preparing student for the annual "PEUGEOT design workshop" (4th year) held January 2020 with PSA automotive designer teams. 


Day 1

Grasshopper interface

Importing from Rhino

Creating  NURBS surfaces in GH

Curve/Point  to surface manipulations

Forces and Attractions

Day 2

2D surface morphing

GRILL design



Exploring parametric design


Navigating in Rhino 6

Basic 3D modeling and interactive manipulation.

Introduction to Grasshopper and visual computing 

Creation of parametric surfaces in grasshopper

Surface sub Division, Morphing, Patterns

Forces and attractions

ALIAS AUTO-STUDIO 2020 > Importing\Exporting

Digital form-finding techniques

3D-Print ready geometries

workshop main tools and plugins will be


getting ready


Each Participant should provide their own laptop with the following software installed:

Alias SpeedForm

Rhino3D version 6

Grasshopper (comes within Rhino6)

Alias Studio // SpeedForm // Fusion360


Keyshot Rhino Bridge plugin

Social Acounts

Prior to the workshop each student will create accounts in the following pages:


We will cover how to benefit and use the grasshopper vast community and open source sharing and helping, as a learning platform as well as a current hub for development and parametric news.


Grasshopper plugins Package

download and install workshop plugin package 

link will be sent directly to students emails

follow PDF installation instructions