Imagine design that can repeats a sequence of instructions (DNA) until a specific condition is met.

In grasshopper we use loops to cycle through values, add sums of numbers, repeat functions, and many other statements.  In this design, a simple logic can be iterated into something organic with such unique presence.

With the help of Anemone loop plugin, developed by Mateusz Zwierzycki, we can create a design logic that loops back to its origin after a change of parameters inside and that will result another meaningful possibility or or animation of the design development, like growth of trees and branches, for example.

asaf yaacobi loop anemone tree L-System.png

Design explorations and research are very powerful when the algorithm inputs are changed or manipulated thus creating a mutation of the design DNA, and establishing a unprecedented iteration library that could have not been created otherwise.

in the process a simple a mesh polyhedra Is used as the base geometry for the design exploration.

Each face normal is being calculated as a transformation vector which will be set as our movement direction.  We will than scale the base shape by a recursive factor which will give an organic scaling feeling for each generation, somewhat like a scale using a simple graph mapper.

As this is our main DNA of the design, we can intervene and try to change or add ideas inside the loop, which will generate a whole new sub-Design from the main goals we set ourselves at first.

 recursive face subDivision with center to normal vector direction