Design Diversity 

As designers we all know the phase where we are encouraged to brainstorm and search with our creative minds and our talented hands to draw and generate visual interpretations of the project in hand. It is a long and durable process, where you find yourself repeating over and over the same forms, lines and shapes. It makes sense after all! We have been training ourselves to a certain level of expertise for many years to achieve this remarkable skill, but as time progress the creativity becomes dull, and we must find techniques and methodology to continue and generate new lively up to date content.

game of life

evolutive Design

mutated design process results

Choose Life ! ! !

Those processes that we do naturally are in fact rooted in our DNA. As we sketch our primal forms we are repeating again and again with slight changes, saving the ones we like

and throwing away the bad and the ugly. We seek perfection in creation yet without noticing how bias we are and by our own taste we trigger the artistic selection just as in life itself.

We design. We reproduce, we repeat, iterate, modify, mutate, create and destroy, selectively select, fitting the fittest. We are evolution.

As we construct our design, we unconsciously search for a design genome that is corresponding to our prefixed taste and orientation which is a very bias method towards choosing what is the right design.

Human driven SELECTION

Our design goals are the core of the design genome, and thus, have a strong connection to the outcome of the design. As we try to optimize the design DNA to a perfect genome setup range, we than can compare the selected genetic design, to the unwanted solution.

At this point different genomes are manifested as an iteration of the design however, it is a more complex type of iteration since the whole genome data changes in search of the optimization versus the mutations.



genome optimization

In this case the design goals are in relation to the object volume and its hard surface edge. The concept behind this search is to have an optimized volume with the most surface design diversity we are trying to find a shape that can be appealing visually with luxuries contrast.

Monitor the SD charts for each fitness objective ‘live’ during the simulation run

Diamond Chart.  Visualize the
Diamond Fitness Chart for the selected solution

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