Design Diversity 

As designers we all know the phase where we are encouraged to brainstorm and search with our creative minds and our talented hands to draw and generate visual interpretations of the project in hand. It is a long and durable process, where you find yourself repeating over and over the same forms, lines and shapes. It makes sense after all! We have been training ourselves to a certain level of expertise for many years to achieve this remarkable skill, but as time progress the creativity becomes dull, and we must find techniques and methodology to continue and generate new lively up to date content.

game of life

evolutive Design

Choose Life ! ! !

Those processes that we do naturally are in fact rooted in our DNA. As we sketch our primal forms we are repeating again and again with slight changes, saving the ones we like

and throwing away the bad and the ugly. We seek perfection in creation yet without noticing how bias we are and by our own taste we trigger the artistic selection just as in life itself.

We design. We reproduce, we repeat, iterate, modify, mutate, create and destroy, selectively select, fitting the fittest. We are evolution.

Influenced  or influencer? by others or would you create own? As a product designer we all know it is hard to not be influenced by strong visual inputs. As we all look for the most unique and latest designs out there that will be part of our image board, we should not forget that the images we find or old. The design in the image even if the visual in brand new, has been thought of or processed long before by another

designer, creator or artist out there.

We should be open to a new design process where we drive the artistic direction of our creation and not imposed. If we can drive our inspiration, we will find a unique design signature faster than ever.

exoskeleton Xray 


Parametric Design DNA

2d parametric art. It can't get better than that! using parametric design as a constructive Design DNA. As matter of fact, this approach allows interactive design process, with many variables and inputs taken in considerations which amplify the ending result, or even better, results.

Design DNA has is the Core of our design direction or a result of a given brief. If used in beginning of design process this helps to influence the design in all its future process, and while design processes are dynamic, the DDNA evolves as well with new design goals in hand.

dendro TRANS.png
Ngon trans.png

Photo bashing ! ! !

Exploring a ready-made render is a fast and easy process to generate more results using a 2D editing software such as Photoshop. For some designers, especially automotive designers, photoshop and image bashing techniques, could easily help push the design and help to conceive a more complex design intention which will be augmented in grasshopper. 

Above. grasshopper definition. Parametric Design DNA

bottom. Photo BASH example of simple exploration that later has been add to the parametric DNA.


Coming soon

exploring with Vray for Rhino. 

Chaos Group. Lastly.  Chaos group has lunched Vray for grasshopper. It is directly linked to grasshopper and finally helps push design visualizations without the tiring and long process of importing exporting design, while killing history and the procedural powerful process grasshopper has gave us so far.

In the coming month I will explore this link between grasshopper and Vray. So far, the results are promising.

mutation design process